Bike Ride Sat 11th @10am


Dinner Thurs. 23rd @ 7pm.

enterprise fish company . Meeting at 6.30 at the KITP main entrance (by the main lecture room)
(Please indicate if you have a car and how many people you can take)

Sean Hartnoll
Xi Dong (car, can take 4)
David Tong
Koenraad Schalm
Bart Horn
Joe Polchinski (planning to meet you there)
Richard Eager (car, can take 3)
Subir Sachdev (car, can take 3)
Per Kraus (car)
Shunji Matsuura
Fabio Rocha
Diego Hofman
Victor Gurarie
Mike Hermele (car, can take 4)
Matthew Roberts
Eduardo Fradkin (need a ride)

Soccer Friday @ 6pm.

On the grass outside the chemistry department.

On May 2 the NY Times published an article on "Santa Barbara on the Cheap.Note the mention of La Super-Rica Taqueria and El Bajio on Milpas Street. For other ideas, see the links on the KITP Santa Barbara Area Information page.

Some beaches are not walkable when the tide is in:
Tide Table for Santa Barbara